Life Insurance Product Management

Protecting you and your legacy

Little Girl In Sunlight shutterstock_141891718Insurance and investment products to provide security for college funds, to hand down to your children at a major life event such as a wedding, or to ensure that loved ones will have replacement funds if the unthinkable should occur. Philanthropic giving is another way life products can be used to enhance your legacy increasing the amount that can be gifted. Life products are tailored to help with estate planning from dealing with estate taxes to distributing businesses owned as you wish them to be with no complications and can create leverage through permanent life insurance allowing family’s to spend wealth more freely during their lifetime, while preserving their family’s legacy.  In addition we can arrange security required for business partners in highly structured business transactions. Special markets are available to tailor life cover, from personal life through to certain high profile company officers requiring cover post critical illness diagnosis.

Our specialist Life team is lead by Bob Raimondo. Bob and the team of life & health specialists at Belpointe are experts in wealth management and estate planning. Our service proposition will encompass:-

Personal Review
An expert assessment and advisory session with one of our advisors.

Policy Audit
Life insurance is an asset that is often ignored. A life insurance policy audit measures the performance of your current life insurance policies versus current products available in the market today. We will provide you with current values, policy performance updates and ownership and beneficiary information. Through careful analysis we can help you determine if your current coverage still meets your needs and objectives.

Trust Owned Life Insurance
This is a valuable estate planning tool which requires active management on the part of the trustee. Belpointe’s professionals recognize the fiduciary responsibilities of the trustee, and are here to provide unbiased third-party analysis of the financial well being of trust owned policies.

Portfolio Management
Our experienced team assists clients with the management, analysis and servicing of large life insurance portfolios. Often times, families or businesses own several insurance policies with multiple insureds and owners. Our specialists work with you to ensure that you, your family and your business are properly protected.

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