Equine Insurance Product Information

Stabled Horses shutterstock_90055909Equine Liability

Insure your liability as owner of a horse. It can also be arranged to cover liability for care, custody and control of others horses. If a horse you are looking after is injured or dies this policy will provide for defense costs, medical care or replacement of the horse up to policy limits.

Equine Mortality

Pays for financial loss if your horse dies from natural or accidental causes. The value is determined with purchase price as the base plus cover for money invested in training and transportation from point of purchase. Accumulation of race winnings, show accomplishments and the performance of offspring are other elements that can be taken into consideration by underwriters for increase in value.

Major Medical, Surgical and Loss of Use

Medical procedures, including diagnostics as a result of accident, illness or disease. Surgical coverage. Loss of use if as a result of accident, illness or disease.

Farm & Ranch

Cover for property, general liability, vehicles and livestock mortality. Using a combination of package policies and add on’s to cover any peak exposures in business personal property, loss of use, guiding, training and eventing liability and your responsibility for workers compensation.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 6.02.04 PMEvent Liability

Spectator liability for the show organization, premise owner and show officials. Move in and out, single show or annual cover.

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